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What happens during an Animate: Practices session?

In each session, the group will watch a video featuring a leading voice from the Christian faith, spend time on personal reflection and journaling, and share ideas with the group. The order of the session is up to you.

Who are the voices featured in the curriculum?

Animate: Practices features seven leading thinkers and practitioners of the Christian faith: Brian McLaren, Shane Claiborne, Phyllis Tickle, Sara Miles, Enuma Okoro, Doug Pagitt, and Mike Slaughter.

What do I need to buy to use Animate: Practices?

You’ll need a DVD, a Facilitator Guide for each facilitator, and a Practices Journal for each participant.

How is the Practices Journal used in a group setting?

The keepsake journal draws participants to delve deeper and reflect on session content. Participants can jot notes, share creations, find inspiration, and make connections wherever they are—at church and at home.

Do facilitators need to do a lot of prep work?

Animate: Practices is open-ended in nature, but that doesn’t mean facilitators have to spend hours preparing. The Facilitator Guide features plenty of notes, ideas, and a structural framework for facilitating each session.

Prayer | Oriented toward God | Brian McLaren
Food | Eating, with Jesus | Sara Miles
Worship | Seeking God’s Presence | Mike Slaughter
Sacraments | A Tapestry of Traditions | Phyllis Tickle
Money | The Joy of Sharing | Shane Claiborne
Service | The Needs Right in Front of Yo u | Enuma Okoro
Community | An Unexpected Family | Doug Pagitt

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