Providing strategies and resources for
effective pastoral care in the congregation.

Pastoral care is at the very heart of congregational life. This program seeks to establish an ethos of care among the congregation by establishing and maintaining a network of pastoral care.

By identifying those with the gifts and willingness to use them for others, this program offers TRAINING and SUPPORT over a period of three years to equip carers for the task. Establish a team of partners who will ensure that everyone in the congregation will be connected and cared for.

The Pastoral Partner Program consists of:
(presented in a full colour plastic binder)

Co-ordinator's Manual:
A complete resource for establishing and maintaining your pastoral care program. Includes:
• Coordinator’s Manual
• Participant’s Guide documentation
• Twelve Care Cards & Bookmarks
• Tranquility meditation CD.
• Updates (previously sold separately - photocopiable)

Ringed folder
$249.00 each (Product code MC551)

Pastoral Partner's Participant's Guide
A thorough introduction to the practice of pastoral care. It has space for carers to add their own notes, and provides a handy reference for visitation, care of the sick, listening skills and developing a spiritual foundation for pastoring.

147 pages, spiral bound
$34.95 each (Product code MC649) for one copy
Discounts available for 5 or more copies.
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Pastoral Partner Program Updates
Pastoral Partners who have completed basic training and are on their way. They may be used as the first part of the Pastoral Partners’ bi-monthly meeting for support. They are designed to be 50 minutes in length. Permission is given to photocopy articles.

In the Coordinator’s Manual you will find guidelines for these meetings which suggest a 50 minute education session, followed by 20 minutes for a refreshment break and then 50 minutes of sharing and prayer time for Pastoral Partners in small groups. The groups should remain the same over time to maximise confidentiality and rapport.
Update Topics covered:
• Helping Families Under Pressure
• Helping Newcomers Find a Home
• More on Loss and Grief
• The Healing Community
• Pastoral Programs in the Local Congregation
• Managing Conflict
• Skills for Managing Conflict
• Evaluating your Pastoral Care Program
• Terminal Illness
• Ways to find Peace and Tranquility
• Newsletter Ideas!
• Anxieties & Fears
• Transitions in Life’s Journey
• Liturgies For Living
• Depression
• Spiritual Growth For the Pastoral Carer

$49.95 (Product Code MC685)

Moving Forward
To mark the tenth anniversary of the Pastoral Partner Program, MediaCom Education has released a new resource, Pastoral Partners
Moving Forward
. Our hope is that this resource will offer additional material to strengthen the work of those committed to pastoral care. It provides additional teaching resources for meetings, and brings encouragement to pastoral partners in the incredibly important work that they do.

There are several ways to use this resource: as a text for pastoral care, a journal for personal reflection (using the left hand pages), or as an educational tool.

Topics included:
• Keeping your Pastoral Partner Program Fresh
Pastoral Care and Leadership:
• Pastoral Care - Integral to Leadership
• Pastoral Care and Evangelism
• Pastoral Care and Small Groups
• Pastoral Care for Various Cultures in a Congregation
Pastoral Care and the Church’s Life:
• When the Church’s Heart Breaks
• Pastoral Care and Hospitality
• Journeying with People Experiencing Dementia
• Journeying with People with Disabilities
• Walking Alongside People who Experience Mental Illness
• Life Beyond Full-Time Work
• The Transition into Aged Care

$34.95 each (Product code MC686)