How it Works

1. Choose the lesson - any week you like, or follow the church season (See Calendar below).
 2. Gather the bits - listed under "Prep", they are mostly simple household items. Put them in the Faithbox for the “surprise” factor. (Each Faith Box comes with the first surprise!)
3. Read ahead - spend a few minutes to review the 4 pages and keep one step ahead of the kids!
4. Call everyone - it’s Faith Box time! All ages can join in... Mums, Dads, kids, grandparents and friends love Faith Box time. Kids can open the box now!
5. Follow along together - Read through the Intro and Instructions as it takes you through the interactive fun
6. Attach the magnet - fix the relevant "Big Promise" magnet to the lid of the Faith Box (see Calendar below).
7. Smile and take a minute, knowing you have shared your faith and had a family moment.

Each manual is designed to cover a 12 week period with 4 manuals covering a full calendar year. Choose any lesson you like, or you can follow the calendar below. When you order your Faith Box, it arrives with the manual that corresponds to the appropriate time of year.

Your children will love the surprise of what is in the Faith Box each week.
Watch this two minute video about Faith Box and share it with others who have not yet discovered the treasures of Faith Box!;

Have kids 5 to 12 years old?
Want to talk about faith ... but not sure how?
Play your way through the Bible - in just 30 minutes!
Each of these 12 sessions walks you through a building block of faith - with a Bible reading, fun games, conversations starters, activities and a prayer.